The all natural, hygienic and most saucy way to heal a tattoo!

Our Vegan Tattoo Aftercare, Super Tattoo Sauce is made from natural oils and is an innovative way to heal fresh tattoos.

We have carefully selected our 100% natural ingredients to give many benefits while healing new Ink.  The oil easily moisturises the skin, promotes natural healing but does not clog pores (a common complaint when using other healing products).  High in Vitamins (especially Vitamins A, C & E), Super Tattoo Sauce contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and is antibacterial.  It has natural numbing properties to sooth your skin. 

The application of Super Tattoo Sauce is aided by the packaging to ensure the most hygienic distribution and gives careful dispensing while being able to target specific areas if needs be.

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Iaint Nosaint, a Tattoo Artist with over 15 years experience, discovered the key ingredient in Super Tattoo Sauce around 8 years ago and had an idea to use it as Tattoo aftercare.  

His biggest aim was to create an aftercare product that would take the redness out of the skin whilst calming & healing a Tattoo.  Since then, he has taken 3-4 years to perfecting the Super Tattoo Sauce recipe. 

Unlike other healing products, Super Tattoo Sauce is easy to apply and being an oil causes no snagging.  The oil soaks quickly into the skin, leaving no residue to transfer onto clothes while moisturising your new Tattoo.

My favourite application of Super Tattoo Sauce is actually during Tattooing. 
I take a break on the hour, put 3-4 drops of Super Tattoo Sauce on the Tattoo and sterile wrap it.  After my break I remove the wrap and wipe down the Tattoo – the skin is calm and so is my client thanks to the natural numbing properties.  We then go straight into the next productive hour. 

It allows me to sit people for much longer sessions.

Iaint Nosaint


Natural seed & essential oils have been specifically chosen to create Tattoo Aftercare like no other.  With many benefits to the skin like natural numbing properties while also being quick to absorb, Super Tattoo Sauce is formulated to promote fast healing.

Just a few of the benefits of Super Tattoo Sauce :

  • Boosts natural healing
  • Moisturises
  • Emollient
  • High in skin brightening Vitamin C
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antiseptic
  • High in Vitamins A, C & E


Super Tattoo Sauce comes in a bottle with a dropper pipette ensuring hygienic application.  There is no cross contamination as our Sauce can be gently dropped on to a fresh Tattoo without the pipette touching the skin at all; no bacteria is getting into the bottle from your hands or Tattoo.

Unlike other Tattoo Aftercare products Super Tattoo Sauce can be used to ‘target’ areas of Tattoos that are taking a bit longer to heal.  Plus, as it’s an oil you wont find clogged pores and other common healing complaints with this product!

With the use of the pipette the Super Tattoo Sauce can be applied in a controlled way with steady drops – gone are the days of having to guess how much gunk to squeeze from a tube or scoop from a jar – and if you need a bit more, you can just drop some on!

But remember, you don’t need much as this awesome Sauce goes a really long way, and what you don’t use comes in really handy for any scratches and scrapes you get from every day life.

Super Tattoo Sauce is fit for Kings and Queens of all walks of life…

The specially selected ingredients of Super Tattoo Sauce have been used world wide for many decades.  One was used by Samurai’s of Ancient Japan to sooth and heal their skin after battle and when getting Tattooed, while the Geisha’s would use it on their faces to keep their skin looking youthful and boost their natural glow.  Another was used by the Spartans of Ancient Greece to treat their skin ailments.  And a third is revered in Asia for it’s unique healing properties.

No, we are not claiming to have discovered anything new or that we have reinvented the wheel – why would we when these fantastic ingredients have been available for years?  All we have done is blended them together to create a Super Tattoo Healing Product.



So what are you waiting for?  Discover Super Tattoo Sauce for yourself today : buy a 15ml bottle for just £6! (+£1.50 p&p)

Take a look at some of the Tattoos that have been healed faster and darker with Super Tattoo Sauce…

Super Tattoo Sauce, in my opinion, is the best tattoo aftercare product I’ve ever used.
Easy to apply with the pipette, which also makes it easier to pinpoint areas that need more moisturising than others.  It absorbs quickly into the skin which isn’t left oily or or wet after application.



Personally I found that Super Tattoo Sauce was better than anything recommended for tattoos. My lovely elephant healed within a week and I’m not an easy person to heal; so it definitely does the job and more. I didn’t scab or have any blocked pores either. It’s wonderful!



Super Tattoo Sauce is excellent stuff, rubs in and vanishes and it makes the colours on my ink jump out too.  It also helped my long term psoriasis!



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