Want to know how good our amazing tattoo aftercare Super Tattoo Sauce is?

Take a look at this customer’s story of how it has healed not only tattoos, but a nasty work accident too.

Super Tattoo Sauce customer Wayne had a nasty accident at work; he caught his shoulder on a rusty nail and got a badly infected cut.   After going to the hospital he was prescribed antibiotics which took down the swelling and infection but there was still a lot of heavy scabbing which kept opening whenever he moved, making it very difficult to heal.

Wayne was desperate to use something to help heal his cut and stop it opening up.  Having used Super Tattoo Sauce to heal his tattoos he thought it was worth a try and put some of the awesome sauce on it every day.  A week later and the scabbing has completely gone, the cut did not open again and it is healing nicely.

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