Always follow your artist’s preferred method of Tattoo healing instructions, but we suggest you replace chemical healing creams (such as those used for nappy rash and whose recipes and formulas are constantly changing) with our awesome sauce: Super Tattoo Sauce.

In some cases, artists are not aware of the changes in certain creams (as they are not published widely) and how this can effect the healing process.  By using an all natural tattoo healing product which has been tested extensively to do what it says on the tin: heal tattoos, you are safe in the knowledge that your new ink will not be effected by any man made produce.

Our creator Iaint has been tattooing for over 11 years, he knows skin and how tattoos heal.  With this understanding he developed a product that used only natures best to heal tattoos with fantastic results.

We suggest using a small amount of Super Tattoo Sauce 3 times a day on a fresh tattoo until it is fully healed.  You only need a few drops as the sauce goes a long way, so use the pipette to distribute the sauce around your new bit of ink.  Then with a clean hand make sure rub the sauce all over the tattoo to moisturise.

That’s it; simple, natural tattoo healing instructions.